Sunday, February 1, 2015

DARK LAVA by Toby Neal

Toby Neal’s Dark Lava is an action-filled book.

Someone is desecrating Hawaiian sacred sites. Thieves are jack-hammering the hieroglyphs out of the rocks and carrying them away.

At the same time, terrible things happen to Lei Texeira and Michael Stevens. Stevens ends up being accused of a heinous crime, and his wife Lei works to clear him.

Michael and Lei are hoping to create a family. That, too, ends in an unexpected way. 

Lei’s father calls with the news that Lei’s favorite aunt has only a few days to live.

And all the while, someone is stalking them, killing people around them, and leaving ominous white shrouds at the scene. (One shroud is finally left unused, probably waiting to show up in a later book.)

All this culminates in a set of furious actions during which the bad guys put our heroes at grave risk.

As I said, Dark Lava is an action-filled book. It reminded me of a “Law and Order” or “CSI” TV show. A part of the motivation for the action reached back into earlier episodes of the series.

Dark Lava is the first Lei Crime book I have read. It is the seventh in the popular series.

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