Sunday, March 15, 2015

DOUBLE FAULT by Judith Cutler

I’m on a roll! I have read several good books in a row.

Judith Cutler’s Double Fault is a pure British police procedural.

Double Fault is different from many modern police procedurals. There is no moving away from the police, looking into the mind of the killer, or seeing things from other points of view.

Retired Acting Chief Constable Mark Turner sounds the alarm when someone kidnaps a young girl from Mark’s tennis club. Mark’s fiancée Fran Harman, Chief Superintendent of the Ashford police, takes on the case.

Fran is recovering from a broken leg suffered in the line of duty.

Because of budget cuts, a colleague’s appendicitis, and a supervisor’s incompetence, more and more responsibility falls on Fran.

A cold case breaks wide open. Someone finds murdered children (killed twenty years ago) encased in the wall of an abandoned juvenile center.

With Mark’s help, Fran and her team do what the police are supposed to do. They wade through administrative infighting to put the victims and their families first.

Double Fault ends with a heart-stopping scene and then goes on to describe Fran and Mark’s wedding.

Along the way, I found the meticulously-described administrative infighting tedious but sadly believable.

Double Fault is the fifth in what is now a six-book series. It is the first of these books I have read.

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