Thursday, April 9, 2015

a short story--"Bruno and the Carol Singers" by Martin Walker

Martin Walker’s short story “Bruno and the Carol Singers” could have been named “Bruno Works It Out.”

Regular readers of the Bruno, Chief of Police, novels know that Bruno has a way of helping good people get out of jams.

Bruno can be tough and disciplined when he needs to be. He is a former soldier with combat experience. But he loves his small agricultural and tourist town of St. Denis, France. He always does his best for the town and its people.

In “Bruno and the Carol Singers,” a small-time criminal leaves his supervised work place and runs to St. Denis to spend time with his estranged wife and son.

When he gets to St. Denis, he commits a robbery and kidnaps his child from Bruno’s rugby practice. But Bruno has listened to his wife tell his story. Bruno knows where to find the child.

Bruno discovers that the man is a good person who wanted time with his son at Christmas, and Bruno works it out.

Martin Walker fills "Bruno and the Carol Singers" with Christmas spirit. 

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