Monday, May 25, 2015

TARGET: TINOS by Jeffrey Siger

Jeffrey Siger’s Target: Tinos is another one of those Siger books where Greece itself, the island of Tinos, is a character.

Someone brutally murders two Gypsies. Greek authorities want to close the case, putting it down to clan warfare.

Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis and his crew know better. They uncover a plot to rob one of Greece’s premier shrines, Tinos’ Church of the Annunciation, the Panagia Evangelistria.

Along the way, they come up against The Shepherd, the current leader of an ancient group presently dedicated to protecting immigrants, especially Gypsies.

And they become involved with a historic family who gave much of their wealth to the Panagia Evangelistra.

Kaldis challenges the Albanian mob.

Kaldis and his bride face terror at their wedding.

If you want to make a mistake, threaten Andreas Kaldis’ family. In the face of danger to his own, he becomes single-minded, willing to face any enemy, and that leads to an exciting climax.

All in all, Target:Tinos is another excellent Jeffrey Siger Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis police procedural.

To best enjoy these books, read them from the first one forward. The series builds and the characters grow. But the settings vary, moving from Greek island to Greek island and to the mainland.

I think I’ve said this before. I don’t read any other books where the setting is more well handled. The Greek setting itself is a character in the book.

Target: Tinos is the fourth in what is now a six-book series. The seventh book, Devil of Delphi, is scheduled for publication later this year.


R.K. Robinson said...

Joe, I think this is one of the better - they're all good - books in a favorite series of mine. I still like the second book the best, mostly for the ending, but this is a good one. I'm waiting with some impatience for the next one.

Joe Barone said...

R.K., So far, I've liked the Patmos one the best. I suppose that's because of my training as a minister. However, I have yet to read a Jeffrey Siger book I haven't liked, and I expect to like the rest. Siger is one of those I can fall back on when I have hit a dry spell and am looking for something to read that I know will be a good book.