Sunday, June 21, 2015


Some books you read out of curiosity.

That’s the way it was with Orania Papazoglou’s Sweet, Savage Death (1984).

Mysterious Press has reprinted Sweet, Savage Death using Papazoglou’s more well known pen name Jane Haddam. I’m a fan of Haddam’s Gregor Demarkian series, so I decided to try to something else she wrote.

Sweet, Savage Death was humorous and confusing. Romance writer Patience McKenna and her newly found kitten attend the American Writers of Romance convention.

After three murders, a botched crowning of the year’s queen of romance writing, and the bare beginnings of a new love interest for Patience, Patience solves the crimes.

The book portrays publishing as cut throat and not totally honest. Egos abound at the convention. Not all the writers’ apparent successes are real. Intrigue and manipulation are part of the game.

I found it hard to keep the characters straight. 

Sweet, Savage Death seemed like an insider’s book to me, a book written by someone involved in publishing.

Back in the day, Sweet, Savage Death was a Mystery Writers of America Edgar award nominee.


Barry Ergang said...

It's been so many years since I read this that I can neither agree nor disagree with your take on it. All I remember is that it contains a locked-room problem, and that that's the reason I bought it in the first place.

Joe Barone said...

Barry, Yes. I like Jane Haddam's writing. As I said, I read this one out of curiosity.