Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A SHORT STORY--"A Market Tale" by Martin Walker

Martin Walker’s “A Market Tale” is a heartwarming short story.

Kati, a Swiss tourist, finds the love of her life in the market at St. Denis, France.

The market is, as always, stalls filled with luscious food, crafts, and other items to sell to the villagers and tourists.

The problem is, the love of Kati’s life, a widower who lost his leg in the auto accident that killed his wife, has a hateful sister. His sister tries to short circuit the growing relationship, and Bruno, Chief of Police, intervenes.

I have always loved the St. Denis part of the Bruno stories. I like watching the market work, and I like Bruno’s sensitive approach to the people. These people are his friends and neighbors.

“A Market Tale” has no murder, just an attempt to sabotage a budding relationship and the way Bruno intervenes to make things better.

“A Market Tale” is a short story sold as a stand-alone in e-book format.

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