Thursday, October 1, 2015

ACCUSED by Lisa Scottoline

Lisa Scottoline’s Accused is a mixture of mystery and romance.

A thirteen-year-old heiress hires lawyer Mary DiNunzio of Philadelphia’s Rosato & Associates to prove a convicted murderer didn’t do the crime. Mary’s life is changing. She has just become a partner in the firm. She is newly engaged, but struggling to know if she should continue on the marriage path.

What makes the case strange is not only the age of the client but also the facts of the case. The murderer’s guilt seems obvious.

So Mary and her sidekick Judy Carrier investigate.

Complications ensue. Their client’s family throws the lawyers out of their house. They get their daughter committed to a mental institution. And Mary and Judy end up moving a bee colony into the hive for their institutionalized client.

Mary is working day and night. She and her fiancée grow farther and farther apart. Mary’s family and their friends the Tonys are as dysfunctional as ever. And Mary hits dead end after dead end in the case.

Finally, she and Judy (long-term friends) have a monster row. Judy thinks they are chasing shadows.

But all turns out well. Someone tries to kill Mary, and that helps break the case open. It also helps Mary decide about being married, about becoming part of two loving but dysfunctional families, and about reconciling with Judy.

I bought this book on sale from Amazon Kindle. I had heard of Lisa Scottoline and wondered what she wrote. I found the book humorous in parts but too long. There was too much elaboration on scene and minor details. Otherwise, I liked it.

Obviously the author didn’t write Accused with an old geezer like me in mind, but that didn’t matter. I enjoyed the book.


P.S. We were out of town for a while. That explains the gap in my postings.


Mathew Paust said...

Interesting plot idea. I do know what you mean about too many details. I like to let my imagination breathe a little, fill in some of those blanks myself.

Joe Barone said...

Matthew, She is a very popular writer. I had never read one of her books before. --Joe.