Sunday, December 27, 2015


Donna Andrews' The Nightingale Before Christmas is a humor-filled, feel-good Christmas cozy.

Meg Langslow supervises a house-decorating project. Each designer has one room to redo and decorate for Christmas. The sponsors didn't get their act together, so the previously long-vacant house will open right after Christmas. People will buy tickets to see the rooms. The proceeds will go to fund the Caerphilly Historical Society and to provide the grand prize.

The designer whose room wins the grand prize gets to donate the prize to his/her favorite charity.

The competition is intense. Things disappear. Someone steals packages with materials necessary to complete their competitors' projects.

The local student newspaper covers the contest.

Family Christmas intrudes adding to Meg's stress. And to top it off, Meg's mother is one of the designers.

Then someone murders the most hated contestant. And the story goes from there.

Loyal readers will know the main characters in this book. They are part of a continuing series.

As expected, the story ends with a feeling like the feeling in Dickens' "A Christmas Carol."

This was a fun book to read as I was waiting for the family to come on Christmas day.

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