Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Libraries have changed.

When our library started advertisting that they had electronic books to check out, I got a library card. Back then, the system didn't work well, and the library had limited choices. 

Now our local library has over 4,000 Kindle books. I don't know how many more thousands it has in ePub and other formats. So I renewed my library card. And I downloaded Leslie Meier's Trick or Treat Murder

Our library had that book on hand. Often, you have to put yourself in line to get a particular book. Either a lot of people read, or fewer people read a lot of books. 

But I was surprised. Meier's book was a nice cozy. 

When someone starts burning down mostly unoccupied historic houses in Tinker's Cove, Maine, the estranged wife of a tourist couple dies in one of the fires. No one knows whether she was a targeted victim or someone caught by accident.

Lucy Stone, the wife of a local restoration architect, investigates the murder. Almost always Lucy has her six-week-old infant Zoe with her in a front sling carrier. She is often occupied dealing with her three other children. 

Along the way, Lucy interferes with the police, bakes more-than-I-remember dozens of cupcakes for the local Halloween party, and finds herself trapped in a dangerous situation. 

Lucy's husband Bill becomes a member of the conflicted historic district planning and zoning committee. This leads Lucy to become closer to Julia Ward Howe Tilley, the most interesting character in the book. Miss Tilley is the town's former librarian. She is now chairman of the divided committee. 

Any small town person will have known a Miss Tilley. In Trick or Treat Murder, Miss Tilley's stubbornness leads to an all-too-typical small town tragedy. 

So, when it came to downloading a sample book, I made a good choice. I chose a book that I'd call loosely plotted but filled with interesting characters.

I also made a choice I'll have to live with. Computers are fun. They know what you've been doing. 

Now, whenever I click on the local library's electronic books page, the first choices  are Leslie Meier books (most of which are already checked out, by the way).

I liked my first outing with Leslie Meier. I'm sure I'll read a few more Leslie Meier books along the way.

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