Friday, November 18, 2016

REAL MURDERS by Charlaine Harris

When I checked out Charlaine Harris’ Real Murders from the local library, I thought I was getting a cozy. I was wrong.

Twenty-eight-year-old Lawrenceton, Georgia, librarian Roe Teagarden belongs to a group called the Real Murders Club. They meet regularly to review historic murder cases, to discuss the details of them, and to decide who might have committed the murder.

Then someone starts killing the members of the club. Each of the brutal murders mirrors a historic murder. The culprit plants clues to implicate one of the club members in each murder.

We know, almost from the beginning that one of the club members is the murderer. The only question is which one.

Along the way, Roe begins to form romantic relationships with two men, one an author who has recently moved to town and the other a local policeman. This is a new adventure for Roe. It will lead nicely into the next book.

As with most such books nowadays, the book involves a life-threatening conclusion.

One other comment--Real Murders is what I would call nicely written. It is simple, clear, easy to read, and interesting. But it is not a cozy.
I checked this Kindle book out from our local library. 

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