Thursday, December 1, 2016


Leslie Meier’s Christmas Carol Murder is a cozy reworking of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.”

Someone sends a letter bomb to a hated realtor who is foreclosing on many of the houses in Tinker’s Cove, Main.

Almost everyone in town is among the suspects. People are losing their homes and businesses. In some cases, medical bills swamp already-foreclosed families.

Lucy Stone, intrepid part-time reporter for the local newspaper The Pennysaver, investigates the murder.

Lucy’s college-age daughter becomes part of a group protesting the foreclosures. Lucy’s husband becomes a member of the board that is laying off town employees because town revenues are down. And Lucy herself takes on the role of Mrs. Cratchit in the town production of “The Christmas Carol.”

After contentious meetings, personal attacks (including Lucy’s husband getting his truck tires slashed), and an attack on the niece of the murdered man’s real estate partner, Lucy risks her life to confront the murderer.

The story ends with the Scrooge-like real estate partner of the murder victim having a terrifying experience and a change of heart. He comes up with ways to help Tinker’s Cove’s struggling people.

For me, Christmas Carol Murder was just what it sounds like, a light, almost TV episode-like cozy to help pass a few hours in the Christmas season.

I checked this out as a Kindle book from our local library.

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