Monday, January 30, 2017


Jane Haddam’s Deadly Beloved (1997) is a typical Gregor Demarkian mystery.

For me, these books are ways to pass time. I like the characters and I find the plots engaging but often hard to believe.

In Deadly Beloved, someone kills three people. Patsy MacLaren Willis murders her husband with no attempt to cover up what she has done. Then she disappears.

She blows up her car in a parking garage and later kills two others, all classmates at Vassar.

How does she plan to disappear? What makes her think she won’t be found?

 At the same time Donna Moradanyan is about to get married and all of Cavanaugh Street is abuzz. Will she marry her fiancée former cop Russell Donahue or will she back out at the last minute and marry the obnoxious father of her illegitimate child?

It is June. Everyone is looking at wedding magazines. Several of the couples in the Fox Run Hill suburb where the first murder occurred are fighting with each other or about to part. Most of them seem to be on the edge. Marriage seems a dicey proposition.

And into all this retired FBI profiler Gregor Demarkian comes with his quiet, rational way of solving murders.

These books are pure entertainment. If you like the characters and the Philadelphia ethnic neighborhood setting, you will like the books. Otherwise, they won’t seem to be much at all.

I like the books. Haddam wrote a bunch of them. It seems like I can always find a Jane Haddam Gregor Demarkian book to help me pass the time.

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