Monday, January 2, 2017

VANE PURSUIT by Charlotte MacLeod

Charlotte MacLeod’s cozy stories are unique.

In her Vane Pursuit, a gang is stealing Balaclava County, Massachusetts' Praxiteles Lumpkin-created antique weather vanes. Then the culprits burn the now-historic buildings to which the weather vanes are attached.

One weather vane has sold at auction for six figures.

Balaclava County  librarian Helen Shandy is photographing and documenting the weather vanes. She has come to think each theft/arson occurred right after she took her pictures. Someone may be following her and using her to locate the weather vanes.

Helen and her husband, Balaclava Agricultural College Professor Peter Shandy, investigate.

Helen and two friends end up having a life-threatening adventure. I'll not describe it. You need to enjoy it for yourself.

Peter Shandy and Cronkite Swope, intrepid young reporter for the Balaclava County Fane and Pennon, do likewise in a different, but still life-threatening, way.

Peter and Cronkite meet a sane, self-sufficient woman who lives down a rabbit hole.

The wife of one of Peter’s long-term friends is clearly involved in the thefts.

And the whole thing comes back to a local perpetrator.

If the book sounds interesting but silly, it is. Charlotte MacLeod’s books always are. And almost always, they are funny.

As I said at the first, Charlotte MacLeod’s cozy stories are unique. I am glad a fellow blogger led me to start reading Charlotte MacLeod.

P.S. One little side note. More than with any other writer, I have to have a dictionary handy when I read MacLeod. She revels in using unusual words.

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