Sunday, March 19, 2017

Judith Flanders’ A Cast of Vultures has interesting characters and a complicated plot.

Samantha Clair lets a friend talk her into looking for a missing neighbor. They even break into the neighbor’s house to find clues.

The neighbor turns up dead, caught in an arson fire in an abandoned building filled with squatters. Sam and her friend Vi set out to prove that someone murdered him.

The squatters turn out to be Sam’s allies in her search.

Sam’s live-in Scotland Yard boyfriend struggles with Sam’s detective propensities making for some humorous scenes.

Both Sam and her boyfriend come close to being murdered thesmselves.

Sam is a book editor. A Cast of Vultures gives considerable detail about her job and the pitfalls that go with it. 

For me, reading A Cast of Vultures was like watching one episode of a TV comedy-mystery. 

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