Thursday, September 25, 2008

It is time to get back to your writing

I received a note from a friend today. She said something like, "I'll think I'll get my three novels out and finish them." I hope she does.

I really enjoy writing. I enjoying putting the words on paper, and now that I am getting a little better at it, I enjoy structuring the story. I was still struggling with all that in The Body in the Record Room. It is Roy and Harry who save that story. They, along with Nevaeh, Bullet, Dr. Jane and some of the others, are wonderful people.

I would write if I were never published. In fact, that's really what I expected, to write novels in retirement and not to have them published unless I published them myself. But that wouldn't have mattered to me. I love writing.

So my word to you today: If you are a writer, get your writing out and keep on writing. Writing is such a blessing, and you never know, you might be writing along and meet some characters like Roy, Harry, Nevaeh, Dr. Jane and Bullet.

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