Sunday, October 5, 2008

The book comes out next week

Monday, October 6, 2008

The book comes out next week. The official release date is October 14. After that date, I plan to write blog posts about the book. I'm aware that so far only a few people are looking at the blog. That may still be true after October 14, but some who look in may do so because they've read or heard about the book.

Also, I hope to answer people's questions through the blog. It is easier to change the blog than to change the web page.

My prayer for the book is that it reminds us all of a lot of hurting people--mentally ill people who are still often left out in society today, those privately or publicly abused, and other hurting people. The evil in the world often spreads way beyond where it started. Why shouldn't it be the same with good? Why can't we decide to be the kind of example people like Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were for us? Why shouldn't we let ourselves be changed by the good people in our lives, whether they are well-known people or not?

I invite you to share with me your memories of good people in your lives. I will just keep them to myself unless you tell me I can tell other people about them on this blog. If you do it through a comment, your comment will appear on the blog.

If you are like me, often writing is my way of thinking, working things out, remembering things which are important to me. If writing and communcating is helpful to you, communicate with me, and I will try to respond.

So, for now, I'll keep on writing about my life and about other general things. After the book is out, I will answer questions and make other comments about the book.

If you would like to respond to this post, please leave a comment or go to my web site where there is an email address. Thanks.

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