Friday, October 3, 2008

Enjoying ourselves

Saturday, October 4, 2008

We just finished our second daily walk. We walk twice each day, a mile and one-half each time.

We live in a retirement center, a kind of unusual place for this community. Some here live in homes, some in apartments, some in assisted living, some in a situation where there is more help yet, and some in a full-care type facility. In other words, we know a lot of people in a lot of different situations.

Anyway, on our walk we met one woman (over eighty I suppose) who had a wonderful day. She had lunch with a daughter, went with that daughter to buy a frame for a counted cross stitch she (our eighty-year-old friend) had made, and then came home to find that maintenance had done some requested landscaping in her back yard. So her day was filled with family, counted cross stitch, and new plants and bushes.

Later on the same walk, we met a lady who had faced a tragedy in the last year. She was getting ready to go with a friend to a church wiener roast. She was excited. She hadn't had hot dogs for a long time. And all her friends were telling her, "Eat a toasted marshmallow for me."

We walked by the newly plowed community garden. Ralph from maintenance got out the tractor and did the work this morning, so now the garden is ready to lay fallow until spring. There are also people down in the woods using huge, tracked, bulldozer-like machines (bigger brush hogs than I've ever seen) to grind up the Lilac bushes which have taken over the woods. These are an invasive kind of Lilac bush which will destroy vegetation and even an existing forest, make it almost uninhabitable for the squirrels and birds who usually live there. The woods look better than I've ever seen them.

So today we were surrounded by all kinds of blessings. We were surrounded by all kinds of people enjoying themselves.

In The Body in the Record Room, the little man says several times, "Nothing lasts forever." All the more reason for those of us who are able to take time to enjoy ourselves.

Sometimes when I get down on myself, when I make up terrible things which could happen and most of them never do, I need to remember I only have so many days and so many hours, especially so many beautiful fall days like this one is. I need not to give them up to what some people would call "selfing," living in the past or in the future, creating non-existent problems for myself because I am so self-involved.

God has given me opportunities to enjoy myself. It's up to me to choose to do that.

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