Friday, October 10, 2008

Stories in the face of struggle

Sunday, October 12, 2008

These are hard times right now. I have no illusion. These hard times will affect the sales of The Body in the Record Room and perhaps my ability to have other later books published. But so be it. My little book is just that, a little book tossed into the a pond of hard times.

I believe in stories. I think this is the time for us as families and as individuals to tell stories of courage. Have you noticed how economic fear feeds on economic fear? The European markets tank, and then, a little later, the U.S. markets tank. But still, there are a lot of courageous people. There always have been.

We've all seen that picture of struggling people in the depression era soup line. They are in front of a billboard that says something like, "America works." And in the long run, it did. It worked because of the courage of many of those people in that soup line. Our own people faced depression. My paternal grandfather lost much of what he had built up because of the depression. And yet my father thrived and lived to serve others, the greatest thing anyone can do.

My mother's father died when she was just a child. Her family faced greater distress than she ever told me. But she too finally thrived and live to serve people. She was a great woman.

Now is the time to remember brave people and how they, somehow or other, survived. In her song "Happy Trails," Dale Evans said that it matters how you ride the trail. She and Roy were people who were very fortunate, but they had also faced hardship, especially the loss of Roy's first wife and of greatly loved children. But they rode the trail well. They are good examples for us now.

I look around, and I see videos of campaign stops where people are shouting hate slogans and venting terrible anger. I don't think this is the time to be angry or fearful. I think this is the time to ride the trail well.

I know that not many people read this blog right now. Maybe they never will, but for anyone who does, you should tell stories of courage. You should ride the trail well. You should decide you will do what you have to do to get through whatever hard time you face. You should act in such a way as to have your story told to other people. That is the challenge of life. That is what The Body in the Record Room is all about.

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