Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Surrounded by beauty

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I've always appreciated people who can see beauty in little things. On a "macro" scale, this has been an ordinary fall. We haven't had a freeze. The trees are just drifting away, going from green to yellow to brown. But when you look around or down, you see beauty everywhere.

I've not been writing lately. I wanted to see what happened with
The Body in the Record Room. The reviews have been better than I have any right to expect. The book was a Mystery Guild Editor's Choice, something I wouldn't have expected in a million years. I've been subscribing to Mystery Guild for years, reading their books and then giving them to libraries. But I never expected to see one of my books in their brochure.

Because the book received a good "short" review in Booklist magazine, a magazine for librarians, it is now in many libraries across the country including some branches of the New York City and
Boston libraries. Again, that is nothing but a blessing to me.

So I've been blessed. And the ideas are stirring again. But in the meantime I've been enjoying the fall aro
und here. I've been walking around, watching the squirrels peek out at me from behind their trees. This little fellow (or lady) knew I was there. She kept peeking around to see if I had left yet. Now her picture's on my computer desktop.

It is a good time in our household. We thank God for the blessings that surround us. And as winter comes, I look forward to getting back to my writing.

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