Friday, October 17, 2008

Two new blog sites

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I've added two new blog sites to the links at the right. The first is The Page 69 Test. That site has an interesting premise. It says that when you pick up a book you should turn to Page 69. If that page interests you, you will probably like the book.

The site administrator wrote and asked me to do The Page 69 Test on my book. I did it, and it worked! What was on page 69 would have led me to want to read more of the book. I wrote a little analysis which will appear on the blog in a couple of weeks. It was fun to do.

There are what looks to be hundreds of books on the site. You might find many of them interesting.

The other site I added has the same site administrator. It is called New Books. Each day that site lists a new book and gives the publisher's blurb about the book. The Body in the Record Room appeared on the site Friday, October 17.

Not as many people read as once did. I appreciate these web sites which still lead us to good books.

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