Thursday, November 20, 2008

Touching base with strangers

Monday, November 24, 2008

When you write books, you get to keep in touch with strangers.

Last week, I received a letter from a minister who had graduated from the same seminary I did. He told me how much he liked The Body in the Record Room. He also listed a couple of quotes he had put in his illustration file for preaching.

He lives in a retirement village now, and my comment to my wife was, "Here he is retired and still saving sermon quotes!"

I don't do that. My retirement led me in a whole different direction. I loved the ministry, but when I retired, I wanted to do what I had always hoped to do, write. Long ago, I had dreams of a time when we would live in a small retirement hideaway, and that's what we do. Our little two-bedroom duplex is in a wonderful retirement village with terrific friends. I don't have to worry about cutting the grass, raking the leaves or shoveling the snow. I can write, read books, and look for other things to do.

We don't all get to fulfill our dreams and goals, and even when we do, the opportunity doesn't last forever. So this Thanksgiving, I'll be saying thank you for this time, no matter how long or how short it might be, and I'll also thank God for the continuing chance, through my writing, to touch base with strangers.

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