Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas memories III

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I have one more Christmas memory to share.

My father's office was in the center building of the Nevada, Missouri, State Hospital, a mental facility. His office was a converted apartment. The second, third and fourth floors of the building had at one time been apartments where staff members lived. In fact, after I was born, I was brought back to an apartment on the third floor of that building.

In any case, my father's office was a converted apartment on the second floor. What was originally a back bedroom was his private office. It was a large room with a closet in the corner.

My parents hid Christmas presents in the closet. I sneaked up to the office when no one was there and found the presents. I knew where they were. I was good at finding presents, carefully opening and resealing them. I'm not telling you I'm proud of it. I'm just telling you I did it.

One time when I was in junior high I wrote a poem about it, and my father got the biggest kick out of that poem. He carried a copy of it around and showed it to people. My dad was good as embarrassing me in that way. He was proud of his children.

So, we all have a lot Christmas memories, some happy and some not so happy, I suppose. I'd be glad to hear some of yours.

PS The back closet in the Superintendent's private office plays a big part in the second, yet to be published, Roy Rogers book The Body on the Hospital Landing. As I've said before, all the people and events in my novels are fictional. The town of Sunrise is totally fictional. But the layout of the hospital is as I remember it for the hospital where I lived in the 1950's. So things like that little closet do become part of my plots sometimes.

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