Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm back at it

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm back at it. I'm working on the third Roy Rogers book.

It always feels good to get back with these characters. I write other books about other characters, but there is something special about Roy, Harry, Bullet and Nevaeh.

Also, I enjoy looking at the old Roy Rogers movies and TV shows. They are dated in some ways, but in others they are good stories.

It is hard for me to realize so much time has passed. The moves I am watching were made sixty years ago.

Sometimes I wonder whether the Roy Rogers legend will survive as more than just a footnote in movie lore. I worry that those of us who love Roy are aging. One of my hopes for my Roy Rogers books is that my character, a mentally ill man who thinks he is Roy Rogers, will acquaint others with the real Roy Rogers.

For Roy to have long-term lasting effect, he has to be more than just the province of those of us who saw him in the original movies at the time. He has to be more than just the province of old men.

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were good people with excellent values. Their movies are dated in some ways, especially in the treatment of minorities and in other ways you might expect. But the stories themselves are good stories, and the people are good people.

So, I'm back at it and excited to be writing again. I'll let you know how things are coming.

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Realmcovet said...

Forgive me if this sounds like such an ignorant question Joe, but I wanted to know if your book will be available to buy in stores like Barnes & Noble, or other such corporations. I would really like to get my hands on this book of yours, but the hubby and I are wary of buying things off the internet with the whole exchange of credit card numbers fiasco and what not.

I know what you mean about wanting to keep your childhood hereos alive and well, to spread their legacy far beyond the generations to come. I admire your quest to do so, and would like to be of any help I can. I really am looking forward to reading "The Body in the Record Room" and supporting you, so any guidance in how I can get my grubby little paws on your literature would be much appreciated.

Joe Barone said...

The book is available at Barnes and Nobel. Again, thanks for your nice comments.

I also read your comments on Harry Potter. It's always good to find another Harry Potter fan. I think there are a lot of us!

Joe Barone said...

Also, Realm, I note that The Body in the Record Room is in a whole lot of libraries. It received a good review in Booklist, and I guess that started the whole thing. You might be able to find the book in your local library.