Monday, December 1, 2008

Looking for new and different books

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm not much into promotion, but I do enjoy reading Moments in Crime, the St. Martin's Minotaur web site. In the last couple weeks they've featured two authors I thought would be interesting.

Let me be clear here. I have not read these books yet, though they are now on my list to read. They are books by James Church and Laura Joh Rowland.

Church's books are set in North Korea, Rowland's in 17th Century Japan.

I love books that take me to different places. Sometimes I will hook onto an author who is good at taking me some place different. I want to read all the books the author writes, at least all the books in that series. I expect it to be this way with these two.

Have you ever had the experience of wishing for more authors you could count on? Whatever they write, you know when you pick up the next book in the series, it will a book you like. Some books will be better than others, but they will all be books you like.

There are never enough of those kinds of authors. When you find one, you treasure him or her. And if you run across one book which is not up to the author's usual standard, you will still give that person another try, hoping he or she is back into what you consider to be "the groove." And often the writers are.

So today I thank God for those authors I want to come back to. There have been emotionally difficult times in my life (times when, as a minister, I've had three or four funerals in a single week, often of friends, not to mention my own times of pain and grief). During those times, a good mystery book has always helped me get away, forget for a while.

Not matter our genre, may we all write books that keep people reading!

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