Saturday, December 20, 2008

A strong opinion

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I would not go to the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame if you paid me.

I have strong opinions, don't I? I really hated the fact that the Baseball Hall of Fame left out Buck O'Neal out.

Supposedly they now have a statue of Buck greeting people at the door, but they can always take that down. Buck deserved more. He deserved enshrinement in the hall itself, if not for the way he played the game (which was itself outstanding), then for the way he fought for the history of the Negro Leagues and promoted so many massively talented but ignored black players.

Some white people (and a few compliant blacks) kept Buck out of the Hall. You will never convince me that didn't occur because of the way Buck fought to have blacks included in the hall and because of internecine politics in the black community itself.

This is a strange subject for me to be writing about in this blog, but it has come up again as the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum appoints a new director and moves on from the Buck O'Neal era.

There are some of us (and I'm a distant watcher) who fear that museum is destined to be moved out of the black heart of Kansas City. To me, that would be a travesty.

One great thing about blogs, you can express opinions about things you might not have the right to have an opinion about. In a way, what is happening in Kansas City is not something I should care much about. But I cared about Buck O'Neal, that man who so gracefully and peacefully promoted his left-out branch of baseball.

So you won't see me paying to get into the Baseball Hall of Fame. I'll never forget that they left out Buck O'Neal.

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