Monday, January 12, 2009

Hearing from people who have read the book

Monday, January 12, 2009

The main purpose for this blog is to give another conduit for people who have read The Body in the Record Room. Also, I want to give you any news I may have about the book or upcoming books.

There's no news right now, but I have received a wonderful trickle of notes and letters.

One person wrote me yesterday. I thought her letter was really cute. Among the things she said was, "And thanks for not letting Bullet die. :)"

People also talk about the more positive portrayal of 1950's mental institutions. It's not that the portrayal is totally positive, but it is not totally negative either. That was my experience of the mental hospital where I grew up. There were employees trying to do the very best they could for hurting people. Many of the patients were among my friends. They were good examples for me.

So this little blog serves its purpose. Not many people read it, but it does give one more way of contacting the author of The Body in the Record Room. It also gives a way of knowing a little bit more about him.

To those who have written me about the book, thanks. I enjoy hearing from you.

PS The Goodreads page linked above has several readers' reviews on it.

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