Monday, January 26, 2009

I thank God for libraries

Monday, January 26, 2009

The other day I wanted to read something light. I'd read all kinds of violent or deep stories. So I walked up to the library in our retirement center and got a book about cats who solve mysteries.

Our little library is just a group thing. It has all our discarded books in it, but there are hundreds of us in this community. And we all read a lot of books. There are many former college professors here. So there's a whole roomful of books, some of which I couldn't even understand.

Our local community has a wonderful library too.

All this made me think of what a great blessing libraries can be. When I was a child, my mom took me to the library at least every two weeks. That's where I learned to know the Hardy Boys.

My wife, who lived in a rural area, read all the books in the bookmobile, some of them several times. She can read like the wind.

And I've been amazed at how many libraries have bought my book. Here's a link to one library which featured the book in its "Beyond Bestsellers" section in November. You might enjoy reading some of the other books they suggest.

These are hard times. Some people escape the unending drudgery of hard times in their own lives by reading. Even poor people can go to the library and get a good book to read.

Also, from what I've heard, these are harder times for writers too. Book companies struggle with the economy just as does everyone else. Maybe we, as writers, should thank God for libraries. Not only do they buy our books, at least some of them, but they also make our books available to a lot of people.

So today, I thank God for libraries.

PS The library pictured is the Callaway County Carnegie Library in Fulton, Missouri. As I recall, it looks much like the Carnegie Library I went to as a child. I couldn't find a picture of my own library.

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Anonymous said...

Well Joe, I always enjoy your gentle wisdom, so I checked my library catalog and there you are!

I will check you out.

Joe Barone said...

What a nice comment. Thanks.