Saturday, February 21, 2009

The joys of criticism

Saturday, February 24, 2009

"What is the best thing about having had
The Body in the Record Room published by St. Martin's Minotaur? The reviews. Most of the reviews of the book have been good, but even if they hadn't been, I'd probably say the same thing.

The reviewers saw the same flaws in the book I saw. I'd worked to correct them, but I wasn't able to do that my first time out. I think I am doing better now.

The thing I loved is that the reviews came from objective people. Some of them were from professionals (Booklist, Kirkus Review, Mystery Guild, etc.) who do a lot of reviewing. Some were from readers.

I've written for years, but this is the first time I've had the chance to have objective people, not relatives or friends, comment on what I've written.

Even readers from places like Iowa and Delaware had comments about the book.

To give just one example, I didn't push to have my friends or relatives review the book on Amazon. I know some writers do that, but I just wanted to let that work out as it worked out. One review on Amazon (the one from Mary K.) was from a relative, but the other two were from readers I don't know.

If you write for your living, you might see reviews in a different way. Some writers even claim reviews are a part of the politics of it all. But I just saw the reviews as my opportunity to grow, to read what people had to say, evaluate it, and then go from there.

So if you reviewed the book, Thanks! I've learned from what you wrote. Your review and all the others have been among the best things of all about having writte
n The Body in the Record Room.

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