Saturday, March 7, 2009

Historical mystery novels

Saturday, March 7, 2009

When it comes to historical mystery novels, I like some history with my novel, not some novel with my history.

Other people see it the other way around.

Some would say you can have both in equal doses, but that's unusual. Island of Exiles (reviewed a couple days ago) was a balanced in that way.

I look for good stories first. I want the history and culture to add to the interest of the story.

People like Tony Hillerman could always do that for me. I learned a lot from Tony Hillerman, but I always enjoyed the stories too. And I could say the same for the Easy Rawlins stories.

Historical mystery novels seem to be the rage nowadays. I've read novels set in Medieval England, 11th century Japan and a lot of other places. And I've enjoyed them. In fact, often I've enjoyed them more than if they had modern settings. It is kind of a nice little bonus to learn about some other culture in the things you read for fun.

But still, I read for interesting characters and good stories first. I want some history in my novel, and not the other way around.

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mutedmelody said...

Hi Joe,

i just started reading our novel,BODY IN THE RECORD ROOM. i like it very much. I was also intrigued by our bio stating you are aminister. i am a profrssional singer who has always sung in church as my expression of my relationship to God. one of the churches i sang at was Unitarian/Universalist.

barbara trombley

Joe Barone said...

I'd glad you are enjoying the book so far. --Joe.