Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sunday Quote

Sunday, March 22, 2009

There is no trap so deadly
as the trap you set for yourself.


Joe Barone said...

Corey Wilde wrote: "Sad but true." For some reason that comment for this post ended up on the post below.

Corey Wilde said...

Nope, I admit I was drifting down the Dayquil stream yesterday but I think I meant that comment in response to one of your comments on the last post.

For this post, the 'Sunday Quote,' I will respond with a quote from Cockney character Willie Garvin who is himself quoting Psalms:

" 'They 'ave digged a pit before me, into the midst whereof they are fallen themselves,' like a couple of right pills. Psalm 57, verse 6. Not the last bit."

(From Peter O'Donnell's I, Lucifer, chapter 7.)

Joe Barone said...

Great quote!