Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What won't people write about?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What won't people write about?

Today, I looked at my blog and I happened to glance over at the gadgets. Lesa's Book Critiques has a review of a book called Cream Puff Murders. That started me thinking about all the targeted cozies.

I've read cozies about flower shop owners, antique sellers, knitters and I guess I could go on and on.

Of course there are fads in this kind of writing. I understand that vampires are a fad right now. I didn't know that when I read the Casting Spells book, but I would have liked it if it hadn't been faddish, I suppose.

My question is, "What is the most unusual targeted cozy you can remember reading?" I'd bet there are some doozies if we can only think of them.


Corey Wilde said...

I haven't read that many targeted cozies, you've pretty much named all the occupations I've read about.

Edie said...

Cat and dog books are more common in cozies, but in Rita Mae Browne's Mrs. Murphy books, she has all sorts of talking animals. Even a possum.

Joe Barone said...

I've read some of Rita Mae Brown and some other books about animals. Which one has the possum?