Saturday, April 11, 2009

mortal friends

Friday, April 10, 2009

Some people's values amaze me.

Jane Stanton Hitchcock's mortal friends is a novel of manners, the kind of social mystery story where everybody trashes everybody else to get ahead. The major characters give up everything for wealth, fame and power. They also give up everything to one-up their enemies.

These folks are not "moral" friends. They are "mortal" friends, some of them in the most toxic way clear back to college days.

Mortal friends is a sort of Great Gatsby type story with some murders folded in. Almost no one is what he or she seems to be.

For me this was an average book, but for the right audience, it is probably great reading. On the back cover, Bob Woodward (of Watergate fame) wrote: "A dazzling, wicked murder mystery that unmasks most of Washington, which may never be the same."

If you like social novels with settings such as The Kennedy Center and all kinds of high society intrigue, you will probably enjoy the ins and outs of this book. It is a "Survivor" TV show in novel form with the Island being Washington D.C.

It is built around a series of connected murders which, at first, seem only tangentially related to the social story. But the different threads come together in the end.

On the cover, Jane Stanton Hitchcock is called a New York Times bestselling author. I suspect it was a book like this that put her on the list.

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Sounds like one I could happy not reading.