Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Off topic

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

An interesting little conversation.

Last month, I was at the ophthalmologist (Routine annual checkup - everything OK). Sitting in the eye dilation room (where you wait for the medicine to work), I overheard a woman talking to an older man she had driven to the doctor.

"The doctor told him he would tell him three things to do if he wanted to end up with financial security," she said. She was talking about her teenage son. His medical doctor had given him advice.

Then the nurse came and got the man, so the conversation stopped.

"What are the three things?" I asked across the room.

And she answered:

(1) Have one wife. Most of my friends are not financially secure because they have divorced several times.

(2) Get as much education as you can.

(3) Save half of everything you earn.

Remember, this was a man giving advice to another man. It probably doesn't apply to all. And it doesn't take into account the vicissitudes of life. But I thought it was an interesting conversation.


Corey Wilde said...

Seems like not only good financial advice, but good life advice.

Joe Barone said...

For the fortunate, at least.