Thursday, September 17, 2009

Short Takes

Thursday, September 17, 2009

--A blast from the past: I ordered Dorothy Gilman's
A Nun in the Closet. Right now, there's a lot of heaviness in the world and in our national discourse. What better antidote than Dorothy Gillman?

--This blog entry made me think about how many books there are. Norm says that if you could read four books a week for seventy years, you'd still read less than one percent of all the available books to read. That doesn't discourage me. It just means I need to be careful about what books I pick to read.


Corey Wilde said...

Gilman is indeed a fine antidote.

I find the overwhelming number of books a little depressing. I can't help thinking of all the wonderful books I'll never get a chance to read.

Joe Barone said...

We all do the best we can.

I also look at it from a writer's perspective. Thousands write books. My little books are just that, but they are fun for me.

Maybe that's what it's about, finding the goodness in our own lives.