Friday, November 13, 2009

The Blight Way

I find these stories to be fun.

In Patrick F. McManus' The Blight Way,  Blight County, Idaho, Sheriff Bo Tully sets out to solve the murders of three strangers in the county.  During his investigation, he finds another murder and an underlying crime, all of which tie back to Blight County. 

The real joy of this story is in the mildly-humorous ensemble cast.  Everyone from Bo's father, the former sheriff, "Pap" Tully, to the pet spider behind the file cabinet in Bo's office plays a part.   

The Blight Way is a way of solving crimes without resorting to such finery as warrants (at least until after the fact).  Pap raised Bo on The Blight Way. Bo still uses it when he can get away with it.

This book is simple narrative.  The story begins with the murders and goes straight through.  There are no flashbacks or multiple points of view.  It is just one day after another until, in a few days, Bo solves the crime.  

For me, in this age of so many ways of coming at a story, this straight narrative is refreshing.  

I've read two Bo Tully stories now.  I find them enjoyable, fun to read, not deep or excessively violent, very much based in small towns of the sort I've known all my life (though Bo's area is more rural).

I'll read more books about Bo Tully.

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