Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Mystery Stories

December 17, 2009

This edition of the blog "In Reference to Murder" refers its readers to another blog which lists Christmas mystery stories.  There are a bunch of them, more than I would have guessed.  (When you go to the "Mystery Fanfare"  blog which has these lists, you will have to page down and go to 'older posts' to get the complete list.)

And this isn't all of them.  Right now, I'm reading a book which isn't on the list, Ed McBain's Money, Money, Money.  The book is set during the Christmas-New Year holiday.  McBain makes it clear that the spirit of Christmas doesn't touch certain parts of the underground world of Isola, McBain's fictional city.

Also, this year I will probably go back and reread Dickens' "A Christmas Carol."  Most of Dickens' writing involves social commentary. 

With the situation being what it is, even in the United States right now, this story seems especially relevant.

So, for me, Christmas reminds me again of poor parents, the woman with child, making their way at the behest of the government, to be counted. 

They will never have much, this little family, but their son, with his message of peace and love to all people, will change the world.

So, our lives are not primarily about "money, money, money."  They are about family, social justice, systems which treat people fairly.  They are about the joy in loving and caring.  They are about how those who seek peace help the world find peace.

You'll hear more from me before Christmas.  I'm still reading Christmas mysteries.  But until then, may you feel the blessing of this season in the week leading up to Christmas.

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Corey Wilde said...

Thank you, Joe, that's beautiful. And may you share in those blessings.