Sunday, January 31, 2010

Reading Books From Independent Publishers

NOTE: I wrote this post several weeks ago and didn't publish it.  Because I would jump at the chance to have some independent publisher publish something I wrote, it seemed self-serving.  In view of the post just below this one, I decided to publish this post too.  If I am self-serving, I am self-serving.


I've decided I need to read more books from independent publishers.

If you read a blog like CrimeSpace, you see that even some previously-successful published authors are struggling.

Maybe we need to go back to the pulp-publishing days, the way many of my favorite writers started.

Maybe all of us as readers need to frequent paperback and other publishers more.   

Maybe we need to, through our reading habits, expand the markets some.

A lot of great writing has come out of those venues in the past.

I have decided to try to make sure one-third or so of the books I read are books from independent publishers.


Corey Wilde said...

Joe, I'd love to hear more about some of those small publishers. Are there any that you particularly favor?

Joe Barone said...

I used the wrong term. I think the term "independent publishers" is a better term. I'm just beginning to learn the names (to notice them) myself.

I thought about you because I just looked up to see who publishes Dave Zeltersman's books.

One of the books on my side table right now is Lethal Legend published by Pemberley. It was suggested in Cathy's Kittling:Books. Also, I have a book called To Thine Own Self Be True from Poisoned Pen. I also like some cozies from Midnight Ink.

Now someone will write me and tell me these are all owned by a huge publisher.

I would be interested if others could suggest good independent publishers of mystery offerings for me to explore their offerings.

Corey Wilde said...

I think Zeltserman's noir books are from Serpents Tail, a British indie publisher. I'm not sure who published the New Age detective novels for him.

Busted Flush Press does pretty good work. You already are familiar with Poisoned Pen, of course. Bleak House Books has Mark Coggins, and that's where Craig McDonald started, I think, along with Reed Farrel Coleman. Soho Press is, I think, another UK indie. They have Matt Beynon Rees, Martin Limon, and Stuart Neville among their many authors. Also Peter Lovesey, who is more of a traditional mystery writer.

I think they all have websites where you can look at their offerings.

Joe Barone said...

I bookmarked all of these and put them on my tool bar to look to look at regularly. Thanks, Corey.