Friday, May 28, 2010

DOG ON IT by Spencer Quinn

This book is a cut above the usual dog and cat mysteries.  No pushed over vases or pulled out books from bookshelves to give the dumb master a clue.

At first, I thought this book was silly.  Narrated by the dog, Chet, the book seemed to meander.  But then the bad guys kidnapped Chet and the story went from there.

A divorced couple hire Chet and Bernie to find their kidnapped teenage daughter. Our intrepid duo roams all over trying to dig up leads.  They meet a young newswoman who becomes a love-interest of sorts for Bernie.  And it all comes out well in the end.

If you love animals, there is a section in which the bad guys abuse Chet.  That bothered me.  It is not that it shouldn't have been in the book, but that it bothers me to see animals abused. 

The usual reviews, Booklist et al., gave Dog On It starred reviews.  I wouldn't go that far.  For me the book was a break from just having read a book with a truly psychopathic killer, and as such, Dog On It worked well. 

If you are into cat and dog mysteries (or just regular cozies with pets in them), you should like this book. 


Blumama said...

I really liked Dog On It, and I'm not a fan of animal mysteries. I especially liked the way the author captured the voice of the dog.
I'd give it 5 out of 5.

Joe Barone said...

I thought he had given real thought to how a dog might perceive things.

I also liked the action in the book.

Joe Barone said...

An added comment. I would have given it four stars.