Wednesday, June 9, 2010

JUNKYARD DOGS by Craig Johnson

This book has a truly funny opening.  Johnson's opening is Janet Evanovich quality when she is at her best.  (Yes, I read Janet!  I especially enjoyed the early ones.)

And the story is a good story too.  When Absaroka County, Wyoming, Sheriff Walt Longmire and his crew find part of a thumb in a cooler at the local dump, the mystery begins.  

Who owns the thumb?  What is the story behind it?  And will it lead to other things?
The first half of the story meanders along, and then there are several murders and the usual complex mystery.  As usual, the story ends with a harried chase scene and Walt is beat up, mangled again.

The widowed Walt's relationship with his deputy Victoria Moretti doesn't advance much in this book, though Walt does her a pseudonymous good deed.  The character most developed in this story is the new deputy Santiago Saizarbitoria.

We see Henry Standing Bear, but not to the same extent as in some other books, and Dog, Walt's dog, plays the hero at the close.  (Good for Dog!)

This story takes place back in Wyoming in the midst of an especially bitter winter, not in some strange city.  I almost always like my continuing heroes better when they are in their native settings. 

I have enjoyed all the Walt Longmire books, and that is true for this one too. 

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Joe Barone said...

As I reread this, I wondered, Is there such a word as widowered? My spell check says not. What adjective do you use for a man who has lost his wife?