Thursday, August 26, 2010


You've probably noticed that if I have bought a book from Mystery Guild, I usually mention that.  

I've been reading books bought from Mystery Guild for I-don't-know-how-many years.  At least thirty, and probably more, I suspect.

I usually mention Mystery Guild for two reasons:

(1) I lived and worked in small towns all my life.  Mystery Guild was a source of new mystery books which weren't yet in the local library.  I learned about a lot of new books from the Mystery Guild pamphlets.  

We went to locally-owned bookstores (and later to some B&Ns, Walden Books, etc.) when we went to the city and had time, but in between, most of what I bought to read, I brought from Mystery Guild.

And (2) When I wrote my own book, Mystery Guild was kind to it.  They promoted it.  

I had no illusions about being a best-selling author, maybe even about ever selling another book.  One of my bucket-list activities was to have a commercially-published mystery novel.

Looking back on it, I see what an unreasonable goal that was.  It required lightening to strike, and for some reason, it did.  

If it weren't for the grace and openness of good people like Ruth Cavin my published book would not have happened.  And if it weren't for the support of groups like Mystery Guild, the book would not have been read by as many people as it was.

So, I continue to order books from Mystery Guild, and I continue to recommend Mystery Guild to others. 

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