Saturday, January 8, 2011


We're supposed to be the noblest work of God, but He certainly made a lot of things more beautiful didn't He?         
Note:  I ran across this quote in the Mysterious Library The Mystery Lovers' Book of Quotations by Jane Horning. The quote reminded me of Dell Shannon's Lt. Luis Mendoza novels from more than thirty years ago.  I loved those books and read a lot of them.  Dell Shannon is a pen name (one of several) of Elizabeth Linington.


Anonymous said...

Dell Shannon was a favorite of mine. Do you remember the car Lt. Mendoza drove? Wasn't it both expensive and obscure? Maybe time for me to do some re-reading. I enjoy your comments and reviews. Michel

Joe Barone said...

I don't remember the brand of car, though I, like you, remember it was obscure. Mendoza was independently wealthy, if I remember correctly.

I too will go back and look up and reread Mendoza.