Friday, March 11, 2011


March 11, 2011

Every once in a while, I think it is probably good to restate the "rules of the road" for this blog.

(1) This blog is simply a compilation of what I've read.  I don't accept ARCs or other complimentary books for review.  I'm not objective enough to do that.

I always say, and will say again, that I appreciate those who do accept ARCs.  Their blogs lead me to good new books to read.  

(2) I only review books about which I have something positive to say.  I may critique the book along the way, but there will have been something about it that I liked.

Again, those who critique all kinds of books, especially those who somehow grade books (A,B,C, etc. or by stars) are often helpful to me.  If certain bloggers I read give a book an "A" of "A+," I will almost always read that book because over the years, my taste has been in line with theirs.

(3) Often I avoid massive best sellers.  My wife reads J.D. Robb over and over again.  There must be hundreds of those.  And occasionally I read one, but I don't review it.  J.D. doesn't need my little blog comments. 

Besides, for me the most meaningful reading has often come along the byways.  Not always.  I sometimes read and comment on very popular books, but as often as not I feel best when some blogger friend has helped me unearth a good less-read book.

(4) If I want to go back and reread a book, or if I want to write about an older or out-of-print book I've run across, I'll do that.  Not everything here is about a newly-published book.

(5)  All the quotes in Sunday quotes are from books I've read, though they may have been books I've read years ago and then found the quote in another source. 

(6) I write this blog because I like to write.  I enjoy doing all kinds of writing.  I don't write this blog as a means of self-promotion or to become acquainted with authors or publishers.   I always enjoy hearing from anyone who wants to communicate with me, but finally, this blog is written by me for me.  Others who want to are welcome to just look in.

(7) I welcome comments and try to respond to them.

As someone who writes a lot himself (though I have no desire to have another book commercially published), I respect writers and am thankful for the escape and entertainment they have given me clear back to The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew.  (Oh, how many of us grew up with those!)

I hope there will always be sources for good "minor" writers to find readers such as me. 


Naomi Johnson said...

You just named 7 reasons why I love you, Joe! Let me add an 8th: THE BODY IN THE RECORD ROOM.

Joe Barone said...

Thanks, Naomi!