Thursday, June 9, 2011


I’m not the target audience for Finger Lickin’ Dead by Riley Adams, but I thought it was a good cozy.

I came across the book because I read the author’s “Mystery Writing Is Murder” blog linked here at the right.  The blog always has some good things to say, especially some good links.   

Finger Lickin’ Dead is a classic cozy with a modern flair.

What brings the flair?  Aunt Pat's Barbecue in Memphis with its owner Lulu Taylor helps bring the flair.  The Graces, Lulu’s friends who are docents at Graceland, help bring the flair.  The wonderful descriptions of Southern food help bring the flair.  Lulu’s granddaughter who considers herself a detective helps bring the flair.

A wild wedding from hell which ends the book helps bring the flair big time.  That wedding takes place in Elvis’ car museum which I take to be on the grounds at Graceland.

The mystery begins with the murder of Adam, the ex-husband of one of the Graces.  He is still married to another wife.  And there is a second murder along the way.

Adam also happens to be the restaurant critic for a local paper.  He trashes almost every restaurant where he eats, all under a crazy pseudonym.  And he stole the previous critic’s job. 

All kinds of people have reason to have committed the first murder.  The second murder appears to be a cover-up, killing someone who knows something, and the story goes from there.

Besides all this (and it turns out to be as fun as it sounds), the book has an appendix with mouthwatering Southern recipes. 

I don’t read as many cozies as I once did.  I got to where I didn’t enjoy long discussions of clues and possibilities.  There are a few of those here too.  But there is mostly good dialog and a lot of fun. 

If I got it right, this is the second book in the series.  One of these days, I’ll go back and read the first book.  And I look forward to the ones to come.

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