Thursday, July 28, 2011


It matters what you value. 

My father and mother taught me that long ago.  And Nick’s father and mother taught him too.  That’s one thing we learn in Magickeepers: The Chalice of Immortality, the concluding book in the Magickeepers trilogy.

The real power is not in magic.  It is in love.  It is not that magic is unimportant.  Used for the right things, it can fight evil and change the world, but magic is not the whole thing.  Valuing love instead of violence, wanting, not power or wealth or even superhuman strength, but things which involve peace and sometimes weakness--that’s what matters most.

The Chalice of Immortality can possess you.  It possessed brilliant people like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Howard Hughes.  Houdini and others had to resist it to keep from letting it take them over.

In this book we meet The Chalice of Immortality as it influenced people through the ages.  Even Shakespeare and Amelia Earhart are involved. 

Nick’s father’s life is at risk, and so are the lives of many others.  But there is power in children.  “. . . child essence is very powerful, Nick.  It’s innocent.  It’s the closest people are in their lifetime to purity of who they are supposed to be.”

Before Christmas, I hope to read the Magickeepers trilogy again, all three books in a row so I can read the story through.

I recommend this book.  If you have a young adult who needs a great story with wonderful values, buy these three books, read them yourself, then give them to the one you love.

PS Erika Kirov is a blogging friend of mine. Under the name Erica Orloff, she wrote a strongly adult novel, The Roofer, which is so good it is one of the few books I still keep on my bookshelf in a bound copy. 


Naomi Johnson said...

Thanks, Joe. I know a couple of young people these will be perfect for.

Joe Barone said...

You are welcome.