Sunday, December 11, 2011

ADVENT OF DYING BY Sister Carol Anne O’Marie

Sister Carol Anne O’Marie’s Advent of Dying is a routine cozy with a special Christmas twist.

Sister Mary Helen and Police Inspector Kate Murphy work to solve the murder of Mary Helen’s secretary.

The young woman has a veiled past. It takes Mary Helen, Sister Eileen, and Sister Anne (a modern-thinking novice) to ferret out her history.

The thing that makes this book a little different is the way it treats Christmas. O’Marie bases the chapters on the days of Advent. She quotes parts of the morning and evening liturgies, including parts of Scripture. As we read this Christmas mystery, we don’t spend our time watching elves cavort through Wonderland or working with the heroine to put lighted Santa Clauses in the windows of quaint small-town shops.

The Sister Mary Helen books are humorous. They usually have well-written descriptions of San Francisco. We always get to watch the characters develop. In this book, Kate and her husband disagree. He wants them to conceive their first child. She wants to wait. (Appropriate for Christmas, right?)

This book is for those looking for a good cozy with a positive religious setting. This book has a light sprinkling of mild profanity. Carol Anne O’Marie has become adventurous when it comes to language.

The author, Carol Anne O'Marie, died at 75 in 2009, but there are a number of the Sister Mary Helen books. In so far as I know, they are all available in electronic form.
I will keep reading Sister Mary Helen.

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