Monday, December 31, 2012


Charlotte MacLeod’s Something The Cat Dragged In involves humorous political intrigue.

Someone kills retired Balaclava Agricultural College’s Professor Ungley.

His landlady Mrs. Betsy Lomax finds his body after her cat Edmund drags in Ungley’s toupee.

From there, the story involves the Balaclavian Society, a local group of influential people whose purpose no one really knows. And that leads to political intrigue.

Along the way, someone else kills Ruth Smuth, the campaign manager of a political candidate unfriendly to the college.

Then the true purpose of the Balaclavian Society comes out. They provide the same service provided by today’s political shadow groups. They hide political contributors. Their whole organization reeks of hidden political manipulation a la that made possible by the United States Supreme Court's Citizens United decision.

And of course, Professor Peter Shandy, the co-progenitor of a famous rutabaga, comes forth to solve the crimes.

If it all sounds silly, that’s because it is. MacLeod fills these books with outrageous plots, humorous characters, and unusual conclusions.

This is not the best of the Peter Shandy books so far, but still it is fun.

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