Monday, May 13, 2013

FREE FALL by Chris Grabenstein


Chris Grabenstein’s Free Fall is a typical John Ceepak mystery.

Now-Chief-of-Detectives Ceepak and his friend Officer Danny Boyle investigate murders in Sea Haven, New Jersey.

 Ceepak is as square as ever. He holds to his strict, boy scout-like code.

Sea Haven is a boardwalk tourist town. Both Ceepak and Boyle are natives of Sea Haven. They know all the locals. They thread their way through the ups and downs long-term small town relationships always bring.

The book ends, as most Ceepak novels do, with a standoff and shootout involving a carnival ride.

In Free Fall, Ceepak and Boyle investigate the murder of a rich old man. Suspects include the old man’s caregivers and his mostly-nasty dysfunctional family.

Along the way, Danny falls in love with one of the caregivers. To further complicate matters, Ceepak’s drunken ne’re-do-well father returns to Sea Haven.

The Ceepak books are quick, entertaining reading.

I picked up this book to give me a break from more-serious reading. Free Fall filled the bill.

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