Wednesday, July 30, 2014

ROLLING THUNDER by Chris Grabenstein

In Chris Grabenstein’s Rolling Thunder, Danny Boyle becomes a hero and finds a new girlfriend.

The story starts with a death on Sea Haven, New Jersey’s new roller coaster, Rolling Thunder. The owner’s wife suffers a heart attack on the ride’s first official run.

Was the death a murder? New Haven Police Officers John Ceepak and Danny Boyle don’t think so. Then someone kills a sexy young waitress and dismembers her. She has connections with the owner of the Rolling Thunder ride.

Ceepak and Boyle decide to take another look at the first death. Are they related? Do they involve family or friends of the two victims.

The two men end up uncovering a high class call girl operation serving prominent people in the town. They uncover clues to the first murder that the two cops find too obvious.

Along the way, Boyle loses his girlfriend. She thinks being married to a cop will be a lonely life. She is going one direction in her life and Boyle another.

The story ends on the same roller coaster where it started. Boyle is a hero. The harrowing ending is violent and exciting. Boyle meets a woman who could become his new girlfriend.

As always Ceepak’s unrelenting adherence to the West Point code of honor adds humor and character to the story.

Again, Ceepak has to deal with his father, a nasty character. 

Rolling Thunder is a typical Ceepak and Boyle story. The book is fun and exciting, but it is also violent and realistic.

I enjoy reading about John Ceepak and Danny Boyle.



“Ceepak nods. Guess he understands New Jersey politics. Guess we all do. You grease the wheel. Let people dip their beaks. That’s why you see so many of our elecrted officials perp-walking into court with handcuffs on their wrists and raincoats over their heads.”

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